Upcoming Trends in Facebook You Can Make Use Of

There was a time when Facebook was the ‘new-kid-on-the-block’, and not many people realized the immense importance that would be attached to it in the near future.Facebook May be Most Important Social Network for Your Business. Now that it’s the ‘big-daddy’ of all social networking sites, it doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it. You just can’t ignore it. Facebook has, directly or indirectly, generated many new trends- both social and commercial.

The online advertising scenario and Facebook
Facebook’s constant bid to reinvent itself has caused it to look different every year, and with its evolving looks, the marketing on the social network has also changed a lot. With an 800 million strong user database, many analysts believe that 2011 was the year when Facebook ‘came of age’.  Analysts also believe that when it comes to B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, Facebook would still be ‘the preferred’ social network where companies would invest a lion’s share of their marketing budget for 2012. This scenario will happen due to the priority that companies are giving to acquiring ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ of their products rather than engagement.

The following are a few major trends that will significantly affect digital marketing policies in 2012.

Facebook Going Public: A Mixed Blessing
The Initial Public Offering (IPO) having gone through in the mid of May this year could be a mixed blessing for the future. In sheer monetary terms, the projected value of Facebook acquires astronomical standards (100 billion USD, as predicted by Wall Street Journal) and would result in impacting the global technology scale in a huge way.  From the average user’s perspective though, this might not be such a good thing. That’s because being a public company, Facebook would be under enormous pressure from wall-street to focus on good quarterly returns. That, would result in Facebook shifting it’s gears from ‘user-engagement’ to advertising; which again would result in reducing the Facebook mania that the average netizen is afflicted with.

Timeline Feature to Herald in Story-Telling rather than Posturing
The timeline feature on Facebook is a new feature that allows the user to engage in narrating his/her life through pictures and posts based on a time-line. This is a novel opportunity for advertisers to humanize their brands by telling the respective stories of their brand-evolution. Companies that have spent fortunes in building their brand images over the years can put that image to optimal use with this feature. Iconic brands like Harley Davidson, Ford, Rolls-Royce, who have had a rich and colorful past would have quite the stories to tell.

Mobile Ad Push
 Facebook predicts that its next 1 billion users would come from mobile-devices rather than desktops. The number of users who access Facebook through mobile-devices is already 350 million and that number keeps growing every year.  Facebook acquiring Snaptu last year, is a clear indication of its intention of letting advertisers reach out to potential customers with location based discounts. Facebook is also considering putting in status updates involving major brands or ‘sponsored stories’ in their news feed of its mobile-device apps and sites. With this feature, brands can engage consumers and increase viral buzz to reach a larger audience.

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