Twitter’s “Transparency Report” – U.S. government files more requests

For this first time since the date of its foundation, Twitter has produced a transparency report. According to Twitter’s ‘transparency report,’ the U.S. government files more requests for user data than all other countries combined. The reposts suggests that out of total 849 requests for user information made to Twitter so far this year, nearly 80 percent were asked for by the U.S. government alone.
US government leads requests for Twitter user data followed by Japan, with 98 individual requests on 147 users. United Kingdom and Canada having filed 11 requests on 12 and 11 individual users managed to procure the third place in the list.
Twitter Transparency Report
Also, Twitter said that in the first half of 2012 alone, it received more takedown requests than in the whole calendar year 2011. Not only that, counties like France, Greece, Pakistan, Turkey, and the UK also requested to remove the content from the site.
Twitter officials further asserted that they are mulling over publishing the ‘Twitter’s transparency report’ twice a year.