Linking all 20 Domains Together Is Suggested or not – Watch Out this Video by Matt Cutts for a Better Understanding

The most common question that is hindering the minds of all the SEO experts and the webmasters is that how many websites they can link into their network devoid of landing into trouble. Head of Search Spam Matt Cutts from Google answered this question through the video “If I have 20 domains, should I link […]

Justifying Answer by Matt Cutts to the Webmaster Question “How does Google think about search quality when it relies on subjective signals?”

If you are looking for answer to your confusing question that How can Google be confident with their SERPs, when it is depending on intrinsically subjective signals which have an impact on the websites display that is making use of human “Quality Raters” for evaluating the entire list of domains without giving the context of […]

Why does Google show multiple results from the same domain? [video]

In Google’s latest Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts discusses about multiple results from the same domain, and how Google handles them in its latest Webmaster Help video. Specifically, he responds to the following user-submitted question: Why does Google continue to present multiple results from one domain on a search result? (Does it really benefit the […]

10 Updates Announced by Matt Cutts in terms of SEO for Google- A Must Watch for all Webmasters

The latest video by the Google’s head of search spam  Mr. Matt Cutts has answered most of the questions on the subject related to the SEO’s and Webmasters expectations in the near future about Search Engine Optimization. In this official video  Matt Cutts has asked the question that “What should we expect in the next […]

Will multiple internal links with the same anchor text hurt a site’s ranking[video]

In the latest Webmaster Help video from Google, Matt Cutts takes on an interesting topic.”Will multiple internal links with the same anchor text hurt a site’s ranking?” Well, typically internal website links will not cause you any sort of trouble and Matt Cutts explains why. Do internal website links with exact match keyword anchor text hurt […]