Google+ Sign In Now Available For Third Party Applications

Google announced that third party developers can now enable users to sign in using their Google+ account to their own applications. Twitter, Facebook, and many others have this and Google+ just added it yesterday. Still, Google says this option “prohibits social spam”. Here is a video on how it works: Learn how Google+ Sign-In provides […]

Google, Twitter restart speak2tweet in wake of Syria blackout

Google and Twitter said they were reactivating the system which was used in 2011 when the internet was shut down in Egypt by authorities for several days. In a post  Google’s official  said that : A little less than two years ago, when Internet access was cut off in Egypt, we worked with Twitter to launch Speak2Tweet, […]

comScore Online Video Rankings shows Google still bigger than Facebook, Yahoo, and VEVO Combined

After Unveiling the Rankings of Social Media sites now it’s a turn to let you know about Online Video rankings.comScore releases July 2012 U.S. Online Video Rankings. Before we start with the flow I must let you know that Machinima Captures #2 Position in YouTube Partner Channel Rankings for the First time , so we […]

The Rise of India’s Digital Consumer and What it Means for the Future

Recently we read that comScore unveiled its rating for most used social media network in which Twitter , Linkedin , Facebook and Google+ were on talks. Now comScore has released the stats of most popular media network used in India. ComScore , Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world today unveiled the […]

G+ Social Shares Lowest Compared to Facebook, Twitter And Even LinkedIn[Infographic]

Google + has been in news these days a lot as G+ believe that they have made a good customer base in small spam of a time. UK-based social media firm Umpf recently looked at Google+ engagement and found some surprising statistics. Let’s start with the good news first. Google+ really is in second place […]

Rising war- Dominance in mobile space

With the rising competition among cell phone companies even browser war among corporate facing huge competition; but the motive behind the rising browser war is not just bragging rights but it’s for dominance in mobile internet. Everyone is busy and trying to manage their strategies. Well said by Greg Sterling that “The browsers need to […]