Search Engine Marketing: Cherry-Pick Your Service Provider

Why so much magnitude to SEM? I’ll tell you why! There is TV, print media, radio and banners popping out products everywhere, even the products which probably have nothing to do with you. I mean for Christ sake, why would you be interested in the promotional offers of diapers when you have got no children? So, now we come to the Internet, where we specifically type what we want. The number of Internet searches every month is more than hundred billion.  Now, if you are running a business, would you not like to use the most effective way to market? Yes? That is why SEM is given this much importance.


This industry is huge and there are numerous options, choosing one search marketing company out of them can get horrifying. We are here to guide. But before going there, you must know the errors which happen while doing SEM.

  • The most common mistake is sending money on search engine marketing but not keeping trail of the outputs.
  • Naive companies, sometimes do SEM for the sake of doing it, even when SEO is the requirement.
  • Non rational bidding and spending money on keywords.
  • Depending blindly on SEM and not working on the enhancement of the page.
  • Spending more than what you might get just for the sake of reaching top of the search engines.
  • Neglecting long tail key-phrases which have higher conversions than the head terms.
  • Following your rivals’ strategy without understanding the difference of needs.
  • Thinking SEM the sole way of increasing your sale.

Now when you know the mistakes commonly done by SEM companies, you can choose better. Other than these, we have noted down few guidelines as well which are going to be helpful:

  • You want cheap in SEM or best in SEM : In this industry if two companies are giving same bids, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will provide the same output. The standards vary widely. Check if the proposal is just SEO or social media and PPC along with the SEO. Even if it just SEO, the marketing costs vary as per your product and the competition you are facing in the market.


  • Company which promises big or delivers big : This you will find a common trait in big successful companies that they don’t give you full-size promises. The industry is unpredictable. Look for a company which has a hard-working team and always deliver more than what they promised. Guarantees are something which you shouldn’t accept in this business.


  • Most informative and clearly articulated proposal: If you are searching for a SEO company, then this is apparent that you will come across several vague proposals where things are just mentioned and not clear. You need to be aware! The strong proposals are aesthetically nice, informative and clear. A professional company will thoroughly research on your firm before making a proposal for you. Without actually researching on yours and yours’ rivals’ business, SEM can’t be success.


  • History of the company : If you are a small firm, you obviously would need a SEM partner company which is reliable and has good reputation, so that you can look for a long term association. Talk to their customers and if they say that the company has delivered what they promised, then you can take the option into consideration. Fulfilling promises in SEO is the key factor for small businesses.
  • Know what you are buying: For an understanding and effective communication, it is necessary that you and your team converse in same kind of language. It is advisable to learn tits and bits about SEM and SEO. You don’t have to become an expert. If you can deal with your vendor knowing what exactly you are buying, then that should be enough.


Been given all the guidelines, SEM industry is a confusing and unpredictable where there is hardly anything like ‘money-back’. The industry has very few rules and standards. Good luck doing business!

Author Bio:-
Savita Gehlawat is primary contributor to this Guest Post. She is a professional content writer. Now, she is working with Saffron SEO She loves music, ethical hacking and reading digital marketing strategy.