Promotional posts will be getting limited traction

Ever since the social media has come into the mainstream which is exactly a decade old now, we’ve all witnessed the change about how it has helped us in redefining and revolutionizing our lives which is true for individuals as well as companies, totally revolutionizing and bringing people closer together. Businesses may see even better results when advertising their product or service and directing visitors to a fan page where they can “like” the page.

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What marketers need to know is that in a move to give users improved news feed experience, the Facebook algorithm is now undergoing even more changes that will affect the way brand page posts will be seen. For marketing companies who heavily rely on promotional content to achieve maximum outreach about their business, should now be paying some heed to this and revise their strategies accordingly. Here’s what you should take a closer look at and avoid getting yourself screwed.

Firstly, as per Facebook the promotional posts will be getting limited traction which is based on the following criteria:

1. Posts which purely force people to purchase a service or product or install an app
2. Posts which force people to enter promotions and lotteries/sweepstakes having no real context
3. Posts which re-use the same content from ads

No worries as there are things that you will be able to do in order to ensure how your company’s content won’t go unnoticed.
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It comes for better or worse?

Would you really like seeing promotional posts on your news feed? Your answer would probably be no. The fact is when you will prepare a bunch of promotional posts; with less to no context and value to your audience it would probably not appear in the News Feed. As Facebook’s algorithm has gone through other updates that guarantee relevance and suitability for its users; this modification will just take it a step further.

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Promotion is allowed but not so blatantly.

The days of those big in-the-face ads are no more in fashion this means that promotional posts have to be made with some improvement and refinement, so if you’ve not yet started working on that start injecting some subtleness to your copy.

Say “NO” to promotional language.

Remember keyword triggers will most probably play a big role in what is deemed promotional. If you want your posts to be seen in the News Feed, avoid using phrases such as Enter our contest, Buy now or Download the app! It is imperative to highlight language specifically, since it can affect the way the algorithm filters through the content.

Add creativity to your promotional posts.

When preparing the content always consider the end consumer in mind. All you need to do is create a simple, clear picture of in the minds of the end consumer with a clever tag-line which your target audience takes note of.

Applies to Organic Posts only

If you want to get the word out in the news feed regarding a contest, product or service it is always better to keep some money aside in your campaign budget for promoted posts. There is a difference between promoted posts and promotional posts; in promoted posts you have to pay and for promotional posts you don’t. Having an understanding about the differences and similarities between promotional and promoted posts which will help you make correct budget decisions.

Following these guidelines for your Facebook advertising in 2015 will help your brand grow and get a strong fan base.

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