Personalized moments on your wrist- That’s LinkMe Smart Bands for you!

Picture this: you are in midst of a meeting and there you get a notification of an important event on your smart alert band, without even taking out your phone from the pocket! Well, this is LinkMe for you! A simple yet unique concept that enables you to keep tract of all your personalized alerts just at any point of time on your wrist watch band. Needless to say, LinkMe is definitely something to look forward to in the coming days.

Designed by Matt Sandy, Colin Glaum and Tim Goldburt,  LinkMe has taken a step further in the field of social media, which is going to stay longer with sheer positive acceptance. Through this Bluetooth enabled band, one can send messages with the help of any smart phone via an easy to use application, that will in turn get displayed on LinkMe. Through LinkMe one can send or receive important as well as personalized messages anywhere and anytime without any potential hassle.

It was reported that tech giants like Apple and Samsung were on their way to develop smart watches with similar features. But this time, LinkMe has certainly got a head start, that has created a fiercely competitive market for the already existing “Pebble ePaper Watches”, with the entire social media alerts on your wrist.


Images courtesy of LinkMe

Although users will have various takes on this new bee, but on the whole LinkMe is most likely to create a buzz for people who have their ways through the social media. What needs to be seen now, is how well this smart watch fairs in the market and manages to stay fit amidst the other fast approaching players in this field.