Page Rank Update August 2012

Exactly 3 months after the update in May, Google PageRank has been updated again today on August 02, 2012. I am seeing reports in the various forums, including “Digital Point Forums” and “Webmaster World” that Google has updated their toolbar Page Rank values for many many sites.Page Rank Update August 2012
The last update we had to the Google Toolbar PageRank was in May 2012, about three months ago, which is typically how often Google will push out a toolbar PageRank update to the public.
The update has brought good news for Seointelbiz as the 16-month-old blog keeps increasing in the rank. It had PR0 after the May update and now the number has turned to PR1. I am very happy as this is the highest PageRank I’ve ever had for my blog, it must prove that I am on the right track in developing the tech blog.

The update has eliminated all recent doubts that Google PageRank could be killed in the near future.
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