Most Awaited Toolbar Update of Google Page Rank : December 2013

The new Google Page Rank Update is here. This is the greatest and most surprising news for all SEO’s as no one saw this coming. Google updates page rank after every three to six months. However, this time they waited for about ten months as the last update was done on 4 February, 2013. The 6 December update has spread happiness in the SEO community all around the globe. Google page rank is the most trusted tool available for checking the rank of a webpage.Google Page Rank

As, many people speculated that Google was opting out of page rank, this update has shut the mouths of all the people who thought that this tool was dead. The update has brought good news to our house as a few pages of Seointelbiz got PR  3.Matt Cutts explain how to update your Google page rank through this video. So, go and check your page rank as our page rank has improved from two to three since last update.