Lytro: World’s first consumer light-field camera

You have seen many cameras in your life but this new Lytro camera will blow your mind away as it is bound to revolutionise the present scenario. Christened as “Lytro” is by all means light field cameraa coolest gadget and will surely set precedence for upcoming cameras. This will have some serious repercussions on the way business is carried out these days as this technology can increase customer engagement, sale and the viral effect of social media.
This new device which looks like some kind of lipstick but has the capability to captures 11 million light rays and instantly records images in high intensity, color and direction. This camera can also capture enough data to create 3-D images and you can easily watch that on your laptop or desktop by means of 3-D glasses.
The Lytro camera touts an 8X optical zoom and you have options to choose from 8 GB or 16 GB memory. It has also overcome the problem of shutter lag so that you can take that perfect picture every time with Lytro advance camera. Moreover with the help of this camera you can easily upload photos on Twitter, Facebook or even blogs where you can get a chance to interact with your friends.
You can purchase this camera by placing pre-orders which is bound release in early April 2012. You have three color options including red hot, electric blue and graphite to choose from. The camera will only be attuned with Mac computers which is lone negative point. Pricing will start from $399 and up to $499 for red hot color option.