How to Install Google+widget on Blogger

Considering how popular Google+ is becoming these days; it’s a good thing for all blog owner to install the Google+ widget in their blog – so as to generate a great following for them and their blog – which will automatically result in more sharing of their contents all over the various social networks online.

Having a Google+ widget will promote you especially – to thousands of people, it’ll let people know what type of business you do – It will display specifically your image and the niche you’re in.
Below is a precise and detailed tutorial with pictures on how you can install Google+ on any bloggers’ blog-
I’m assuming you already have a Google+ account; if not, go and register with them. To create your widget, you’ll need to get your unique Google+ number ID. If you’re already in your Google+ wall – click on your profile icon as shown below.

Immediately your profile comes up, highlight your Google+ unique number ID; right-click and click on COPY from the options presented as shown below.

Once you’ve copied the Google+ ID, go to <a href=”” target=”blank”></a>. Right-click and paste your Google+ unique ID you just copied a while ago from your profile and click on Get Widget as shown below to generate your customized Google+ widget.

As you can see below, has successfully created your Google plus profile widget. Below is exactly how it will be displayed on your blog.

To make it appear on your blog you’ll need to copy the JavaScript code below. Copy it and go straight to your bloggers’ blog.

Login to your bloggers’ account and scroll down. Click on Layout to locate your webpage’s layout.

Once you’re on your blog’s Layout page click on Add a Gadget. There is Add a Gadget almost in every part of your Layout page; make sure you click the one that’s on the place you want your Google+ widget to be situated. Click on it to continue.

Immediately you click on Add a Gadget a new page will pop-up. Scroll down and click on HTML/JavaScript as shown below.

When you click on HTML/JavaScript, it will take you to the page below. This is the page you’ll paste the JavaScript code you copied from The title can be any name you choose for it (You may choose to leave it blank, it isn’t really that important).
Under the content, right-click and paste the JavaScript widget code you copied from and hit save.

After clicking “Save” you’ll be automatically redirected to the Layout page once again. Click on Save arrangement to enact all your changes. Then click on Preview to see your blog’s new look and to also see whether you did it right.

Previewing it is the final step. As you can see below, the title “Follow Me” is in place. The Google+ Widget is exactly the way you want it. The picture is showing and your niche is also displaying.

If you’ve been following this tutorial religiously- you’ll definitely have something exactly like the above. Installing Google+ widget will surely get you and your website into the limelight. In case you don’t have a Google+ widget yet, go straight up and read it all over again.

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