How to Create Attention Grabbing Infographics?

Infographics or information graphics is indeed an awesome way to share your information with the target audience. And especially for bloggers, it is something that goes viral.

What are Infographics?

As you browse through the Internet, you are likely to come across manifold eye-catching infographics that tells a visual story about complex data in a more creative and engaging manner. In a nutshell, infographics are visual or graphical representation of data or information. Besides the statistical facts and figures, what make it more attractive are the colorful graphics and their smart style of giving knowledge to the people.

Today infographics has become ubiquitous and in fact is a powerful tool for effective communication. However, creating attention grabbing infographics is not as easy as putting stats on a page with cute little icons. It is something more than that and here are some effective tips for creating attention grabbing infographics.

1.      Focus on the topic:

The first step in creating effective infographics is to focus on a particular topic. Have the right type of information in a structured way to create clearer visualizations thereby making sense to the readers and avoiding confusions.

2.      Make it simple:

The basic motive of infographics is to convey a message and it is always advisable to ensure that you are displaying only what is necessary to the reader’s understanding. Make it simple and clear otherwise it will confuse the readers and may cause misinterpretation.

3.      Concentrate on data:

Data is the foundation for any infographic and design elements should be used to assist the data and not to smother it. Resist your temptation in creating text heavy infographics as it may be difficult to understand and interpret.

4.      Reliable sources:

Since infographics are often created with statistical data, make certain that your data is accurate and is from a reliable source. As infographics have greater potential of being shared than textual content, it is your duty to make sure that the information you put out there is authentic.

5.      Tell a story:

To convey the meaning of your data, your infographics must tell a compelling story with illustrations and graphics. It should be designed in such a way that it communicates something effective so that it can transmit the information even if they haven’t read the text yet.

6.      Appealing design:

When we speak about visual representations, an appealing design will always hit the score. Use your creativity to create alluring and unique design. And while designing, wireframe, type, layout, colors and the use of white spaces matters a lot.

7.      Choose colors wisely:

Creating infographics with dull colors won’t be attractive and at the same time, those with overtly harsh and contrasting colors may be difficult for the reader’s eyes to accept. For an effective and promoting infographic, consider using deep colors with soft colored background.

8.      Keep the words to minimum:

To make your infographic more compelling, it is better to keep your words to a minimum. Use brief texts that are direct to the point. You can use short messages or labels to support your visuals. Choose the right type of font that is easy to read.

9.      Make your file size small:

Try to make your file size small so that it would be easier for your target group to download your infographics. You can even attach them in your emails and send it across with fewer efforts. Reducing the file size doesn’t mean that you can sacrifice the quality of your image. Your infographic should always be of high quality for better impact to the readers and viewers.

These tips can certainly help you in creating attention grabbing infographics. First impression is the best impression! Start creating an eye-catching infographic that will drive you to endless possibilities and for sure, you will reap the benefits of your efforts through this truly rewarding process.

Author Bio: Alfred Winston writes for Dot Com Infoway, a multinational company delivering IT solutions for businesses. They also offer Infographic Design services that help in build on brand exposure and generating leads.