Google unveiled futuristic web based augmented reality glasses

Google has uncovered much awaited Google Goggles or we can simply call it Terminator glasses for letting people look at life by means of web highlighted glasses. Google has uploaded a short video on Google+ where you can easily find a person wearing these glasses taking pictures, getting directions, placing a video call and checking the weather where everything is controlled using voice activated icons that emerge in the user’s field of vision.

This venture christened as Project Glass (for augmented-reality glasses) is the result of two-year intensive research and was developed in the covert Google X laboratory situated at Mountain View, California. Now the research team has requested people to express their views for the goggles at the Google+ page. The Google employees will test these glasses for next couple of months and are expected to go on sale later this year which is certainly a long time for an avid user.

This gadget is believed to run on Android software which will work in tandem with similar featured smartphones and tablets. This device will carry a 3G or 4G data connection along with motion sensors and GPS navigation system in order to introduce wearable computing into the conventional technology industry. As mentioned earlier, testing will take some more time before they finally appear for purchase but as far as expected price is concerned it will cost around $250-$500 (£160-£320) according to The New York Times.

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