Google Sets Many Ranking Updates for Sites without Smartphone Configuration

Google is set to unleash more ranking updates for mobile sites that have been badly configured for smartphone users. This move has triggered “several ranking changes” through which the performance of such sites will be improved apart from providing more security. If this move becomes successful, then the whole idea of accessing internet through smartphones will go through a phenomenal change.

More specifically, this is going to impact your website ranking eventually. For instance, your site rank will decline in case you have got bad content not supporting the smartphone technology even if posted upon your website.

“Some websites use separate URLs to serve desktop and smartphone users,” explains Google’s Yoshikiyo Kato and Pierre Far. According to the duo, a misinterpreted direct is one that intends the users towards a site location, which provides faulty information or details that are irrelevant to their current search criteria. Smartphone-optimized websites play a crucial role in determining the browsing preferences of a majority of the users online. Perhaps, this move will trigger a lot of changes in the future as well.

One of the finest examples in this regard is when all the websites browsed from the desktop redirect the users to a smartphone optimized website. Specifying the directions by properly customizing the smartphone websites is the only probable solution to address this rampant problem on an overall. The latest initiative that Google has taken at the moment will enable the users in maintaining the perfect quality standards without their online priorities getting affected in any way.

“This kind of redirect disrupts a user’s workflow and may lead them to stop using the site and go elsewhere,” they include. The most concerning factor is that the redirects are going to bother them in the future as well even if they don’t intend to expect such actions making the smartphone users struggle more.

Slow mobile networks are going to trouble the users a lot more in this regard. Google has come up with a smart solution in this regard, which seems to work for sure. According to the search engine major, it is necessary to redirect the users from the desktop to another webpage, which smartphone optimized website.

Google has even streamlined a set of common smartphone-only errors that the users must avoid surely. Additionally, it also offers enough recommendations and precautions to be taken in order to avoid the problems such as faulty redirects and irrelevant smartphone optimized websites.