Google All Set to Find out More Ways for Enhancing Authorship

In the recent times it is evidently clear that the Authorship is going to play a vital role in how Google will determine the process of ranking the websites based on the type of content in search results. It is expected that Google will go on with finding out various ways to enhance this process on how it uses this signal. Here is a latest Matt Cutts novel Webmaster Help video which will discuss the user submitted question :

“Will Google be evaluating the use of rel=”author” moving forward as more sites use the feature on generic, non-article/news pages, such as the home page or an about page?”

Matt Cutts begins with answering the question with a brief “Yes” and concludes with the statement that “I do expect us to continue exploring that because if we can move to a richer, more annotated web, where we really know…the philosophy of Google has been moving away from keywords, ‘from strings towards things,’ so we’ve had this Knowledge Graph where we start to learn about the real world entities and the real world relationships between those entities.” To know more detailed how this is going to happen watch out the video below :