Facebook launches its app store

A move that is likely to create flutters in apps market, social network giant Facebook has launched an ‘app store’ that will provide wide repertoire of games and apps that will help social networking giant earn more revenue. The app store will not only provide gamut of apps but also allow developers to sell apps direct to consumers. Not only this, the app store will also offer apps for Android and iPhone. Interesting, isn’t it?


Game apps like Cityville has been a major source of revenue for Facebook but this app store will take it to all new level. It’s simple payment feature will let enthusiasts pay a flat fee to use an app on Facebook. This refreshing App Center will become the new central place to find great apps like Battle Pirates, Draw Something, Pinterest, Spotify, Viddy and Bubble Witch Saga.

App Center
Users will get a chance to rate the apps according to its functionality. The company is planning an IPO that would rate the company between $77- $96 billion. Although, investors are bit perturbed by Facebook’s slowing revenue growth because of limited ads on various devices where it’s being accessed.
Users have to utilize Facebook Credits to purchase the apps. However, Mark Zuckerberg is all set to become worlds’ richest person with an estimated worth of $17.6 billion (£10.8 billion) and will be at the helm of affairs even after the IPO. Furthermore, he will have final say over the company’s biggest decisions.

Via : Facebook