Creative Link Building Techniques you should use Into 2015

Link buildingis the procedure that establishes a web link or web address relevant to your business website. In other words, this link provides access to your mobile website or other business-related websites. These links help in SEO ranking, as it drives more traffic to your business site. In other words, the web links pave the path to your websites through various search engines and web pages. With increased competition in the business world, the link building techniques of your business for 2015 has to be unique and effective. To multiply the volumes of traffic to your business website, you have to strategize every move and these strategies must match the market trends and needs of the year 2015 and beyond.

Search engine professionals associate the success of traffic building and optimization to effective link building techniques. Studies and surveys on search engine optimization reveal that for every new backlink or inbound link that is created for any website, a fresh opportunity is built to reach out to more than 1000 end customers. A few aspects to be focused upon, in order to achieve SEOranking through web links, include:

link building

  • High Quality Content: The quality of the content that projects the core services and values of the company would attract more people to click on the web link provided by you. This requires good research and professional approach considering the demands of the end clients. The contents must address all questions of the visitors, as this would build you credibility among the customers. Contents that are rich in keywords are strong signals, which become the anchor that attract more people to the link. When the keywords are unique and captivating, this link buildingtechnique can work miracles in increasing the flow of traffic to your website.
  • Infographic Design: As you have stepped into 2015, you must understand the significance of infographics to highlight your web contents and make them more powerful. By using this tool appropriately, you can get several web links targeting your business site as infographics are increasingly shared by people across social networking and photo sharing sites.
  • Link Partners: The most popular websites are the ones that are visited by a majority of web surfers and browsers, and have several websites linking back to them. Partnering with such popular websites through link building would increase the SEO ranking of your business website too, provided you choose the relevant ones to partner with.
  • Reliable Domains: Search engines use their own measures to filter spam sites. Linking your websites into some of the most trustworthy domains such as non-profit and government organizations can give a significant boost to your business website.
  • Keeping up with the Trend: Social media will continue to be the ruler of the web world in 2015. Though there are varied views in the way search engines factor these social web links, the reality is that the leading social websites will play a significant role and continue to dominate the World Wide Web. Hence, it is extremely important to focus your link building through these sites while planning your SEOcampaign.


  • Basics of Link Building: Link building involves investment of adequate time and effort and you cannot ignore the basics and the various ways in which you acquire them. There are editorial links, which represent the links that are provided by web pages and websites that offer to link to your company. Such links do not require SEO but need you to create rich content with strong keywords and build more awareness about your services and products. The other method of link building involves creating links through blogs, web listings, and article and web directories. You might also fill out forms to websites that offer award programs, etc.


Link building is not a single task. It involves analyzing the number of visitors in a given time span and study the pros and cons of using various methods of building your link. It requires consistent improvisation in the approach and strategies of link building techniques. Studying your competitors and market potential also makes a huge difference in your SEO strategies and link building plans. Though you can handle some or all of your SEO and link building tasks,it will demand a lot of time, effort and patience as you just can’t see results overnight. In case you don’t think you have what it takes, you should entrust SEO professionals with the task, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. They will first understand the vision and mission of your business and then formulate appropriate SEO strategies to acquire links and improve your business’s online visibility and search engine rankings.

Though there are many more creative ways that are sure to evolve in 2015, you can start with the above mentioned steps to get better results for your SEO and link building efforts.Remember -how different you are from others not only involves your value added products/services, but also involves your ‘out of the box’ thinking.

In case you have been wondering about how to make your website rank at the top of search engines, 2015 is the time when you start working diligently on your SEO and link building efforts.


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