Google Plus Mobile Recommendations Tool- Just One Extra Fragment of Code and There You Are

The Google+ Mobile Recommendations official video released on Monday will let the publishers incorporate a discovery element within any Mobile News Website. Despite the fact that these discovery elements are rampant in almost all the native web application and in most of the news readers ,this novel Google+ Mobile Recommendations tool is targeted to bridge […]

Top 20 Fresh, High-Quality Free WordPress Themes 2013 for Bloggers

One of the world’s most popular content management system, that came into existence nearly a decade ago WordPress is still the top most used blogging platform. But what make WordPress so popular? Well its flexibility, usability and a high degree of customization make is it the most preferred and popular choice among all blogging platforms. Beyond these three reasons another strong […]

15 Essential WordPress Plugins to Turbocharge your blog in 2013

WordPress is on over 60% of websites around the world which makes it the most widely used and popular content management system (CMS) currently in existence.There are thousands of plugins freely available in the WordPress Plugin Directory which are responsible for millions of plugin downloads. A little while back, we published our 10 Social Media […]

How to Add a PDF Download for Posts in WordPress!

One of the most popular file formats on the web is Adobe PDF and many site admins would like to offer brochures, marketing materials, bios, and other documents available for download on their WordPress website. In this tutorial , we will guide you how to add a PDF download for your post in WordPress.First you […]

10 Social Media WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress blog and want to rule the blogosphere for long time , then promoting your blog via social media is the best possible option to explore as after search engines, social media services are the second biggest source of traffic.The best way to leverage social media on WordPress blog is by […]