Promotional posts will be getting limited traction

Ever since the social media has come into the mainstream which is exactly a decade old now, we’ve all witnessed the change about how it has helped us in redefining and revolutionizing our lives which is true for individuals as well as companies, totally revolutionizing and bringing people closer together. Businesses may see even better […]

Facebook #Hashtag a New Revelation in Marketing?

Facebook #hashtags turned from rumor into reality after they were launched with much deliberation. These clickable hashtags reflect a major marketing overhaul, which will ensure campaigns based upon hashtags alone. Traditional marketers aim to save more time and money besides increasing their brand reputation. How effective are Facebook hashtags in influencing the fortunes of marketers? […]

Focus from apps to people – Facebook “Home” – announces Mark Zuckerberg

What if phones were designed around people instead of apps?, asks Mark Zuckerberg, as he goes on to announce the all new Facebook Home. Right in the onset Mark Zuckerberg cleared the air that Facebook is not launching a new phone. Facebook home instead is a series of applications that features a home screen and […]

Facebook Graph Search

A social networking site like Facebook thrives on constant status updates, multimedia uploads and user-interaction. Graph Search will help Facebook users to find new friends, places and things and indulge in regular activity. In collaboration with Bing, Graph Search seems to combine search engine capabilities with Facebook functions. Personal searches on Graph Search Facebook is […]