Can Facebook help Bing?

It’s that time of the month again when the US search market share numbers come out, and while the three major pollsters (comScore, Compete, and Nielsen, who haven’t released this month’s rankings yet) don’t always agree, the trends usually line up. This time, at, Bing and Google are up slightly, and Yahoo! is down, furthering the evidence that while Bing is taking market share from Yahoo! (not good considering Bing powers Yahoo! search), it hasn’t made much of a dent at all in Google’s search dominance, despite spending billions on trying to catch the search leader.

April 2012 US Search Market Share Report: Bing up, Google up, Yahoo down


Yahoo!, which Compete has tracked as gaining slightly over the past 3 months, dropped 0.7ppts from March to April, according to a Compete press release.

April Search Market Share Report

  • Google increased its share for the first time since December 2011 to 65.9% of the US core web search market.
  • Yahoo! had been experiencing small increases in share steadily since December 2011, but saw a decline of 0.7ppt’s from March to April.
  • Bing continues to gain monthly share since October 2011, and experienced a gain of 0.3ppt’s in April to represent 18.3% of the market.
  • Google Powered engines now represent 2/3rd of the US search market, while Bing Powered engines represent the other 1/3rd.
  • AOL remained flat this month, staying at 0.8% of the market.
  • The overall search market – as defined by these 4 engines – saw a slight increase in total query volume, also a reverse in recent month’s trends.  This is the first increase in query activity since December 2011.

The question rises now

Should Facebook take on Bing as its search engine? Will it? Or will Bing’s continued socializing via Facebook, Twitter, and others be enough to gain share on Google (who are trying to do the same thing with Google +)?

Via: compete