Automattic Launches Enterprise

WordPress announced the launch of Enterprise today. It costs $500 per site per month. According to the Automattic ,( the company behind the popular blogging and CMS platform you can scale your traffic as your content goes viral, and it can handle it. WordPress’ network does handle 100’s of millions of pageviews each day.

The key features of Enterprise, according to Automattic, are the fact the users can fully customize their sites (or use one of more than 200 themes to get started),’s ability to handle virtually any amount of traffic you can throw at it and the company’s analytics and “white glove” support services. Just like with’s VIP service, users on the Enterprise platform get unlimited bandwidth, storage and traffic.

“To top it off, you also get our new Javascript customization service that allows you the flexibility to customize your site without needing to touch the underlying PHP code. You can tweak and personalize to your heart’s content,” says WordPress’ Raanan Bar-Cohen.

From our point of view Automattic wants true Web domination as till now 17.4% of the top one million sites run on WordPress.