Google’s new version of penguin 2.0 all set to impact Black Hat Web Spammers

Google rolls out the much awaited Penguin 2.0 version as announced by Matt Cutts few weeks ago. This version is considered as a generation next version of the Penguin, which is going to have a big impact on certain areas of SEO especially web spam. Cutts emphasises, “It’s a brand new generation of algorithms. The […]

Google introduces – “x-default hreflang” for international landing pages

Google announced  the introduction of the all new rel- alternate-hreflang annotation called “x-default hreflang,” for the wwebmasters to specifically notify the international landing pages. According to Google “the homepages of multinational and multilingual websites are sometimes configured to point visitors to localized pages, either via redirects or by changing the content to reflect the user’s […]

Why search rankings fluctuate- explains Google Webmaster

One of the most common issue faced by people dealing with web portal is to get a competitive ranking especially in the Google search. However, it is commonly experienced that website inspite of attaining high ranking in the initial days, dips drastically without any apparent reason. Even after a prolonged and meticulous SEO work, the […]

Google voices against Patent trolls- promises action

Google has announced its reservations against the patent trolls and has submitted comments along with other key player like Blackberry, Red Hat and Earthlink to the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. Earlier Google has been submissive with any action against the open source players. But the constant aggressive stand, that is creating an […]

Focus from apps to people – Facebook “Home” – announces Mark Zuckerberg

What if phones were designed around people instead of apps?, asks Mark Zuckerberg, as he goes on to announce the all new Facebook Home. Right in the onset Mark Zuckerberg cleared the air that Facebook is not launching a new phone. Facebook home instead is a series of applications that features a home screen and […]