All you need to know about Google PR

There are lots of misconceptions about page rank especially when it comes to Google page rank many people believe it’s some sort of ranking formula that Google uses to rank pages in its search result while for others its number count from one to ten that can be measured by a green graph placed in tool bar of web browser, both of these concepts are true but partially.

google page rankFirstly Google page rank in not how and where your page ranks in search result, secondly page rank is also not easily measurable at least outside Google but you can see a representation of Page Rank if you have Google tool bar installed on your web browser, its not actually page rank but its representation of what Google thinks about particular page, for example any websites home page can have Page Rank 2 while the inner pages can not have any Page Rank if you view it using Google toolbar it doesn’t mean your page is not going to rank for targeted keywords or phrases so there is no need to make hype about toolbar Page Rank as its not the same as actual PR is.  But if you are still worried about toolbar Page Rank going down or even not showing any PR in toolbar here are following suggestions for you:-

  • Tool bar PR is not exact it’s only a visual graphic representation on the basis of data manipulations.
  • It’s usually updated only twice a year, so it takes long time for newer pages to show PR.
  • As you start going deeper into a website you will find PR is decreasing this is fact that deeper pages have less link popularity in contrast to main site page i.e. home page.

Obtaining Page Rank is not the final goal of SEO rather the prime goal of SEO is to obtain visibility in search results. Page Rank is a part of your SEO campaign that helps you in achieving that goal. If you have a link worthy site it will automatically achieve Page Rank.