10 Updates Announced by Matt Cutts in terms of SEO for Google- A Must Watch for all Webmasters

The latest video by the Google’s head of search spam  Mr. Matt Cutts has answered most of the questions on the subject related to the SEO’s and Webmasters expectations in the near future about Search Engine Optimization. In this official video  Matt Cutts has asked the question that “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” and answered it in a very detailed manner by summarizing it in 10 important points which will help in enhancing the search results by giving creditability to top notch websites and hitting hard the Black Hat  Smart Players and Spammers in the search results.

It is  a must watch video for all the Webmasters and if you are like me who does not like watching video then here is a detail transcript of the video to help you all with as to what Matt has said. Matt says that the SEO experts should keep in mind as to how things can change and they should take this with a grain of salt.

Update on Penguin by Matt Cutts

Matt stated that the next generation of the Penguin Update which is set to launch in the next few weeks is likely to have a deeper impact when compared to the first version of the Penguin. Matt Cutts said that they are expecting to hear more of an outcry from the SEO community after the launch of Penguin 2.0 as it is a comprehensive version and is aimed at targeting and addressing all the Black Hat Web Spammers.

Update on Advertorials by Matt Cutts

In the beginning of this year Google has found out some sneaky peaky websites which have been using advertorials to drive up their link profile falsely. Matt Cutts has clearly stated in this video that they are going to take a stringent action against all such websites that are using advertorials by violating their webmaster guidelines. He says that if somebody pays for an Advertisement or for a coverage or something similar to that then those advertisements should not flow and determine the Page Rank. There needs to be a clear & patent disclosure so that the users understand that something that is paid is not organic or editorial.

Update on Spammy Pornographic Queries and Payday Loans Search

Matt Cutts states that queries which are Spammy in nature such as the searches related to Payday Loans on Google.co.uk or any other pornographic related queries which were previously less likely given importance are now expected to be targeted by the Google’s Search Spam team. He indirectly had to say that these kind of Spammy queries are coming from outside of Google and their Spam Team would like to address all those concerns with such Spammy queries.

Going Upstream by Deterring Link Spammers

Matt Cutts has said that they are going to put off all the link spammers and the value of the links which these spammers acquire from various sources. He as well stated that as of now they are having some nice ideas to deter link spammers which are expected to be rolled out in the next few months.

Update on Refined and Sophisticated Link Analysis

Matt has promised that Google is altogether trying to develop a new system which will do refined link analysis in a sophisticated manner which in the early stage of development and once it is released they are going to have a better understanding of the links.

Enhancements on Hacked Websites

Google has already put in lots of efforts on indexing of the hacked websites by particularly labeling the search results generated by the hacked websites. They have managed to remove those websites and informed the webmasters about the Hack. They are now working on putting in more efforts to detect hacked websites in a better manner  by rolling out a new feature in the coming months because there is often confusion between the Hacked Websites and the sites which serve up Malware. They are going to come up with a one stop solution that will make people realize that the sites have been hacked which will enhance the Webmaster Communication on the aspect of Hacked Websites.

Authority Boost of the Websites

The Google’s Spam Team is all set to provide an upper hand to the websites by boosting up their ranks which have a better authority in a particular industry, social space or community. So for example if you are an authority owner  of website in the Medical Niche or the Travel Spaces Niche then Google is expecting that related queries will return your website as search result over the less authoritative websites.

Commiseration to Google Panda Updates

There are several websites which have had an impact because of the recent Google Panda Update however Matt Cutts explained that the websites impacted are just on the mediocre level and Google is making efforts to compensate this impact by looking at various other quality metrics which will help those websites move on the line of not being impacted by the Google Panda Algorithm.

Update on Clusters of Results from the Same Website

Matt Cutts said that the number of clusters having the same domain name that show up on the search results webpage will decrease this year. The Spam Team Head said that they want to make sure that the search results on the first page are different however when you click on the second search results page you will see clustered results with the same domain name. Google Team is continuously fine tuning the number of clustered search results from the same domain that pop up on a single webpage.

Enhanced Webmaster Communication

Matt Cutts says that Google is at all times aiming at improving their communication with the Webmasters and now they can expect more detailed instances and examples in the webmaster notifications that they receive through the Google Webmaster Tools.

At the end of the video Matt Cutts concludes by saying that all  these updates and enhancements are being made to decrease the number of Black Hat Webmasters who employ various Back Hat SEO tactics and technique from showing up so that smaller business organizations which make use of White Hat SEO techniques get a chance to rank themselves better in the Web World.


Here in this video Matt Cutts talks about what Google is working and as well notes that there are a lot of things that are expected to change…Watch Out Now…!!!