Take a Sneak Peek into Effective SEO Strategies

The dynamic world of SEO is constantly witnessing changes, updates and new trends. The website owners are worried about Google’s decision to side track low value pages and cut down their visibility. They are pretty much alarmed and wondering about effective ways and smart strategies to survive in today’s competitive world of SEO. There is […]

Promotional posts will be getting limited traction

Ever since the social media has come into the mainstream which is exactly a decade old now, we’ve all witnessed the change about how it has helped us in redefining and revolutionizing our lives which is true for individuals as well as companies, totally revolutionizing and bringing people closer together. Businesses may see even better […]

Matt Cutts answer to: Should I be worried if a couple of sites that I don’t want to be associated with are linking to me?

Matt Cutts in his recent podcast on bad links linking back your website proposed a pretty straight forward solution. Matt Cutts said that till the time you disavow all such kind of links i.e. bad links linking back to your website your website will be in a good condition, he further added that you can […]

Matt Cutts answer to: Should I add rel=“nofollow” to links that are included with my widget?

Matt Cutts in his recent podcast on Google webmaster channel on Youtube said using widgets and infographics to gather links is not a good practice, and one should avoid such practices especially if they are using a widget. Matt Cutts explains that people just copy and paste widget codes without even realizing that there are […]

Matt Cutts: What all Google is doing to sort webmasters queries?

With thousands of webmasters on the internet, addressing each individual webmaster’s issue is beyond the reach of Google for now. Matt Cutts in his recent podcast said that there are possibilities that Google can come up with a queries resolution product for webmasters in near future till then the official web forums, discussion boards and […]